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KaRa Hru Nsw Maat
Oct 15, 2018
In General Discussions
Do be obliged as I cross your line But this ain’t 1950 sum tin And I don’t see no mason Dixon Line You Stepped to the right kind And yes I’m out my cotton pickin mind I won’t sugarcoat please believe I’m here to boast! I was that nigga then But you gone call me by my name now Light skin vs Dark skin We’s equal now Heads high never bow Woman, Man, Every child Again we stand unified in Power What was a Dream We make reality now From foreign land Back to our mothers hand I’m proud to be what I know I can Divine in everything I touch Righteous in all I love Wisdom from the Ancestors Beloved Gold in my skin I’m Proud to be AfRaKan! -KaRa Hru Nsw Maat

KaRa Hru Nsw Maat

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